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weberep repair mortar GP

weberep repair mortar GP is pre-mixed, non-shrink, fiber-reinforced, cementitious mortar. Suitable for concrete, precast, masonry and plastering substrate.  It can be used to repair concrete facades, spalling, honeycombing and restructuring balconies, terraces, walls, cornices with 2-35 mm. thicknes

weberfloor 1145

weberfloor 1145 is pre-mixed mortar designed to level the floor thickness between 4–10 mm (recommended thickness is 4–5 mm) with self leveling property before covering with PVC tiles, parquets, floor tiles, or other floor covering materials in residential areas, hospitals, and co

weberfloor 4655



weberfloor 4655 is cement-based pumpable self-leveling flooring product for industrial and commercial applications. It can be mixed by hand or continuous pumping mixer. weberfloor 4655 is designed to be final layer, and also can be used as leveling layer before coating with epoxy

weberfloor 4716

weberfloor 4716 primer is a styrene acrylate dispersion which can be diluted with water and is intended for use with Weber’s flooring products. weberfloor 4716 does not contain ammonia. It offers good alkali resistance and adhesion properties in both wet and dry environments.

weberfloor slope adjust

weberfloor slope adjust is a pre-mixed flooring mortar to adjust floor level and floor slope between 2 – 25 mm thickness before waterproofing application or before laying on top with floor covering materials such as tile, PVC tile, parquet, and can be left bare in the area exposed to light to medium